Antrica – We supply HD & SD video over IP Servers, Encoders & Decoders to the CCTV, Broadcast, Digital Signage, Sports  & Medical markets. Hardware Video over IP solutions based on ONVIF and other global standards

Antrica supplies IP ONVIF network cameras, 1080P60 Encoders & Decoders based on H264 codecs. Two way audio and low latency solutions plus USB recording plus RTSP & MPEG TS streaming . Encoders for PC or Laptop images over IP Ethernet LAN and WAN up to 1080P60 1080P60 Mega pixel cameras are supported with 3G HD-SDI  outputs plus ethernet for Video over IP. Newest products include an ONVIF stream decoder , KVM over IP encoder , HDMI to IP encoder, 3G HD-SDI to IP encoder and Low Latency IP encoders.

See also for the Antrica 4K Quad view Spot Monitor for ONVIF IP cameras.


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ONVIF is a standard for physical security which is open to all companies and ensures interoperability regardless of manufacturer. Initially focused on video, ONVIF allows Antrica products to work with other third party ONVIF devices and software. ONVIF uses RTSP streaming which Antrica supports in nearly all our products. MPEG TS is a streaming format used in the broadcast industry for distributing video to a large number of decoders. Antrica products all support MPEG TS. H.264 is a compression standard used by all Antrica products to compress video such that it can be streamed over a LAN or WAN


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Featured Products


Portable H.265 & H.264 1080P60 HDMI Encoder (ANT-2210)

The ANT-2210 is a NEW PORTABLE battery powered Dual codec H.265/264 encoder supporting the latest H265 standards and existing H264 as well. This allows compatibility with all existing and future streaming decoder systems both software and hardware based. Offering 1080P60 encoding performance via HDMI input. The ANT-2210 streams RTSP (ONVIF) RTMP (Youtube) MPEG-TS (Set Top Box […]

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