PC Images over IP

  1. CCTV Video over a 10/100 network or over a WAN/Internet
  2. Sending PC images over a LAN/WAN at similar quality and refresh rate as original PC monitor (60Hz) Click here for application note
  3. Analogue Video to analogue video with an IP link in-between
  4. Low delay video to video solution requiring <100mS end to end latency
  5. Encoder to multipler decoders/ TV screens
  6. IPTV encoding live contentVideo to Video Link – Over IPUsing two ANT-3300 or ANT-32000A Video Encoder Decoders it is possible to replace an analogue Coax video cable with an IP system such as an ethernet network or over the internet via a broadband connection.

Video over WiFi

Using the ANT-4000 it is possible to send Video and Audio over WiFi and restore back to video and audio. This requires an external WiFi link

HD Video over IP

Using the ANT32000 or ANT-3500/ ANT-4000 ANT-6000 HD video server it is possible to send High Definition video over an IP link such as ethernet network at around 6-8 MBits / second for 1080i60 video or 12 MB/s for 1080P60.

PC images over a Network

Using an ANT-32000 HD server or ANT-4000E and a DVI to HDMI cable it is possible to send HD  PC images at 60Hz over an IP network at around 4-8 MBits/second. This will give a near identical screen remotely- very high quality (Application Note)

Multiple people viewing Video

Where multiple people will be viewing the same video stream from a camera or video server we would suggest multicast. Multicast is the alternative to Simulcast, which is used where mainly one person views the video at any one time. Multicast allows Video to be sent using one IP stream only but multiple people can view the video without the IP camera having to send multiple IP streams. Ethernet switches supporting Multicast rebroadcast are required (layer 2 support)

Mixed Video Systems

CCTV images can be decoded and displayed using a PC or laptop once they are on an IP network. Antricas range of products are all IP based. However it is also possible to decode and display CCTV or Video images using hardware decoders and an LCD monitor. This removes the need for PC based software decoding. A mixture of Software and Hardware decoding is therefore possible.

Dual Streaming

Dual streaming allows an IP camera to send two separate streams of video and audio. One may be sent in High resolution format whilst the other in very low resolution and bit rate. The High resolution/ bitrate stream can be used for recording whilst the low bit rate stream can be used for viewing on say a mobile phone (where bandwidth is low)

Local Recording

Most Antrica products allow for local recording via USB to a memory stick or USB hard disk. This is useful in the evenet a network stops for whatever reason, recording continues locally even though no network is available. Local recording can be usefull where high quality is recorded locally but due to network bandwidth remote viewing is only possible at low quality.

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