Markets for Antrica Products

All Antrica products are aimed at high end professional applications where video needs to be transported and viewed at a remote location.

Antrica specialise in Video over IP technology for both standard and High Definition applications (SD & HD). We supply both IP Cameras and general purpose Video Encoders and Decoders for use with the customers own Video source.  Markets include CCTV, Broadcast, Digital Signage, Medical , Infotainment and other Video related applications such as Concerts.


  1. HD & SD cameras over IP
  2. PC and Graphics over IP
  3. Satellite and TV content over IP
  4. Digital Signage over IP
  5. Video Walls
  6. Security Cameras
  7. Door entry systems over IP
  8. Sport Analysis Video

Main Markets


Antrica supplies low cost solutions for transporting 1080P60 video and audio over IP. Solutions include compressed H264 video streams at typically 5-15 MBits/second with latencies of 30-80 mS end to end. Film crews , editing studios , film studios who need remote access to video footage but have bandwidth limitations use Antricas Hardware encoders and decoders. Transport of Video over the internet or Local Area Networks can be achieved with Antrica encoder decoders at a fraction of the cost of traditional MPEG2 or newer H264 broadcast grade codecs.

Transport protocols such as RTSP streaming and MPEG Transport stream are supported together with high quality 64 &128 KBits/sec audio. Two way audio and virtual two way serial control such as RS232/485 are supported.

Many of the encoders also support local recording via USB as a back up in case of network failure. Content from Video cameras or PC / MAC generated images can be encoded and transported and decoded equally well at up to 1920 x 1080 at 60Hz or 60 frames per second.

  • Film Studios
  • Outside Broadcast vans
  • Editing studios
  • Animation works
  • PC generated images
  • Moving vehicle cameras
  • Radio link Video + Audio


Antrica supplies low latency (delay) encoders and decoders for encoding and streaming the content from various medical instruments cameras and scanners. CT MRI Video output, endoscopy cameras, training room and operating theatre cameras, Ultrasound images, stored video records.

Encoders can take the output of any VGA DVI or HDMI source at up to 1920 x 1080 pixels and encode at up to 60 frames or Hertz per second. Any PC MAC or instrument camera with an output to an LCD monitor, can be encoded and streamed over a LAN or the internet. Hardware or software decoders can be used to decode and view these streams remotely with total delay latencies of around 80mS.

  • CT MRI scanner images
  • Endoscopy cameras
  • training room cameras
  • Operating theatre cameras and monitors
  • PC or MAC screen output
  • Stream over LAN or WAN / Internet
  • Decode with software or Hardware decoders

Live Events

Antrica encoders allow the video feeds at Live events to be streamed to Hardware decoders connected to remote screens locally or further afield. Live event feeds can be encoded and sent to Live servers for simultaneous Web Based viewing using WoWza servers or similar. Portable cameras with Radio links can be used to send images over IP to a central mixing desk or outside broadcast van.

One to one encoder decoder links or one to many links are supported for simultaneous display of the same video feed on multiple monitors or screens. Antrica encoders and Decoders are low cost alternatives to traditional outside broadcast equipment costing many thousands of dollars. RTSP and MPEG Transport streams can be sent with high quality two way audio (AAC) ay bit rates of 10-20 MBits sec/ max.

  • Outside concerts
  • Live indoor events
  • Roving cameras
  • Conferences
  • Exhibitions
  • In house events

Audio Visual

Applications where the output from one or more Personal Computers, Laptops, MACs, Cameras , Video players , set top boxes needs to be sent to remote central or disparate locations. Antrica encoders and Decoders offer a low cost solution to transporting Video and Audio using traditional LANS /WANs & the Internet . Encoders use low bit rates of 1-15 MBits/sec depending on video resolution or PC output. High quality two way audio and two way serial control signals are supported. Decoding using Internet Explorer , VLC player or our own hardware decoders offers ultimate viewing flexibility.

  • Low bit rate encoding of Video
  • Video over IP
  • Low cost encoders and decoders
  • Low Latency 80mS solutions
  • Hardware and Soft decoders supported
  • RTSP and MPEG TS support

HD Video

Transporting HD video content over IP with up to 1920 x 1080 at 60 frames/ second using low bit rates of typically 8-15 MBits /second. RGB and YCbCr video supported allowing the output from Personal Computers with a 60 Hz refresh rate to be encoded and streamed. Hardware encoders or complete 2-5 Mega Pixel cameras offer 720P 1080P video over IP solutions. Hardware and software decoders are offered for maximum decode flexibility with HDMI DVI  VGA Component and Composite video support. High quality AAC stereo audio complements the Full HD video streams.

  • 1920 x 1080 P60 video over IP
  • Encoders Decoders and IP cameras
  • Low latency solutions
  • AAC Stereo Audio support
  • 60 frames/sec or 60Hz output
  • RGB and YCb Cr video
  • VESA and DTV resolution support
  • Serial control


All Antrica CCTV products comply to ONVIF for maximum flexibility and integration into existing IP based CCTV systems. We offer a full range of SD and HD cameras, Encoders and Decoders for new IP systems or existing Analogue transitions to IP.

Hardware and Software decoders , NVRs , CMS all supported. Two way audio PoE RS485 are standard on nearly all products. High level of technical support offered to CCTV integrators or installers using Antricas CCTV product

  • ONVIF support
  • SD and HD video IP cameras
  • SD/HD Encoders
  • SD/HD Decoders
  • Free CMS / NVR software
  • Hardware NVRs
  • PoE near standard
  • Two way audio AAC quality
  • High level technical support

Sport Analysis Video

Antrica cooperate with SportAV in the UK who provide a complete Sport Analysis System including Cameras Masts Software and other hardware. This allows Football Rugby and other types of sports clubs to monitor and track performance on the pitch. Using the latest Video over IP technology SportAV create complete system solutions geared to a clubs needs.

  • HD 1080P Cameras with Pan Tilt and Zoom
  • Video Encoder and Decoders for Video over IP
  • Complete Masts with Camera solutions
  • Multiple Video analysis software options
  • All Laptop and PC platforms supported
  • Recording and Playback
  • Easy to use solutions for portable applications
  • High level of Sport analysis technical supportVisit or contact Stacey Cady :