Audio visual

Antrica Audio Visual

Applications where the output from one or more Personal Computers, Laptops, MACs, Cameras , Video players , set top boxes needs to be sent to remote central or disparate locations. Antrica encoders and Decoders offer a low cost solution to transporting Video and Audio using traditional LANS /WANs & the Internet . Encoders use low bit rates of 1-15 MBits/sec depending on video resolution or PC output. High quality two way audio and two way serial control signals are supported. Decoding using Internet Explorer , VLC player or our own hardware decoders offers ultimate viewing flexibility.

Features and Applications

  1. Low bit rate encoding of Video
  2. Video over IP
  3. Low cost encoders and decoders
  4. Low Latency 80mS solutions
  5. Hardware and Soft decoders supported
  6. RTSP and MPEG TS support