Antrica Broadcast Applications

Antrica supplies low cost solutions for transporting 1080P60 video and audio over IP. Solutions include compressed H264 video streams at typically 5-15 MBits/second with latencies of 30-80 mS end to end. Film crews , editing studios , film studios who need remote access to video footage but have bandwidth limitations use Antricas Hardware encoders and decoders. Transport of Video over the internet or Local Area Networks can be achieved with Antrica encoder decoders at a fraction of the cost of traditional MPEG2 or newer H264 broadcast grade codecs. Transport protocols such as RTSP streaming and MPEG Transport stream are supported together with high quality 64 &128 KBits/sec audio. Two way audio and virtual two way serial control such as RS232/485 are supported. Many of the encoders also support local recording via USB as a back up in case of network failure. Content from Video cameras or PC / MAC generated images can be encoded and transported and decoded equally well at up to 1920 x 1080 at 60Hz or 60 frames per second.

Features & Applications

  1. Film Studios
  2. Outside Broadcast vans
  3. Editing studios
  4. Animation works
  5. PC generated images
  6. Moving vehicle cameras
  7. Radio link Video + Audio