Antrica CCTV Products

All Antrica CCTV products comply to ONVIF for maximum flexibility and integration into existing IP based CCTV systems. We offer a full range of SD and HD cameras, Encoders and Decoders for new IP systems or existing Analogue transitions to IP. Hardware and Software decoders , NVRs , CMS all supported. Two way audio PoE RS485 are standard on nearly all products. High level of technical support offered to CCTV integrators or installers using Antricas CCTV product

Features and Applications

  1. ONVIF support
  2. SD and HD video IP cameras
  3. SD/HD Encoders SD/HD Decoders
  4. Free CMS / NVR software
  5. Hardware NVRs
  6. PoE near standard
  7. Two way audio AAC quality
  8. High level technical support