Live & Sport events

Antrica Live & Sport Events

Antrica encoders allow the video feeds at Live events to be streamed to Hardware decoders connected to remote screens locally or further afield. Live event feeds can be encoded and sent to Live servers for simultaneous Web Based viewing using WoWza servers or similar. Portable cameras with Radio links can be used to send images over IP to a central mixing desk or outside broadcast van. One to one encoder decoder links or one to many links are supported for simultaneous display of the same video feed on multiple monitors or screens. Antrica encoders and Decoders are low cost alternatives to traditional outside broadcast equipment costing many thousands of dollars. RTSP and MPEG Transport streams can be sent with high quality two way audio (AAC) ay bit rates of 10-20 MBits sec/ max.

Features and Applications

  1. Outside concerts
  2. Live indoor events
  3. Roving cameras
  4. Conferences
  5. Exhibitions
  6. In house events

Sport Analysis Video

Antrica cooperate with SportAV in the UK who provide a complete Sport Analysis System including Cameras Masts Software and other hardware. This allows Football Rugby and other types of sports clubs to monitor and track performance on the pitch. Using the latest Video over IP technology SportAV create complete system solutions geared to a clubs needs.

  • HD 1080P Cameras with Pan Tilt and Zoom
  • Video Encoder and Decoders for Video over IP
  • Complete Masts with Camera solutions
  • Multiple Video analysis software options
  • All Laptop and PC platforms supported
  • Recording and Playback
  • Easy to use solutions for portable applications
  • High level of Sport analysis technical support
  • Visit or contact Stacey Cady :