Antrica Medical Applications

Antrica supplies low latency (delay) encoders and decoders for encoding and streaming the content from various medical instruments cameras and scanners. CT MRI Video output, endoscopy cameras, training room and operating theatre cameras, Ultrasound images, stored video records. Encoders can take the output of any VGA DVI or HDMI source at up to 1920 x 1080 pixels and encode at up to 60 frames or Hertz per second. Any PC MAC or instrument camera with an output to an LCD monitor, can be encoded and streamed over a LAN or the internet. Hardware or software decoders can be used to decode and view these streams remotely with total delay latencies of around 80mS.

Features and Applications

  1. CT MRI scanner images
  2. Endoscopy cameras
  3. training room cameras
  4. Operating theatre cameras and monitors
  5. PC or MAC screen output
  6. Stream over LAN or WAN / Internet
  7. Decode with software or Hardware decoders