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UAV Nano 1080P30 + SD HDMI/SDI Video Encoder for UAV Drone (ANT-1773)

HDMI or HDSDI + Composite Video-simultaneous streams. 50 x 26 x 15mm 22 grams The ANT-1773 H264 Video encoder is designed specifically for UAV Drone applications. Supporting 1 Channel HD-SDI or HDMI and a  Composite video input the ANT-1773 can stream in both RTSP and MPEG TS formats over an Ethernet connection to the Drones Radio link. […]

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KVM over IP 1080P60 Encoder – Keyboard Video Mouse over LAN

The ANT-73000 is a new full HD 1080P60 Encoder using existing 10/100 LAN with a reverses channel to control the Keyboard and Mouse.   The ANT-73000 can be connected to a Remote PC or Laptop HDMI /DVI output and the screen will be encoded and streamed at 1080P60 using data rates of 1-20 Mbits/second. A […]

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