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1080P30 HD-SDI Sports PTZ camera X20 Zoom- Low Cost (ANT-3SDIX20)

The ANT-3SDIX20 (20X Analogue Zoom) is a Full HD PTZ camera with HD-SDI video output. This camera is ideal for the latest HD-SDI CCTV systems and also for the Sports market. X30 zoom also available here. Featuring a scalable HD-SDI coax output capable of working over a 100m of coax cable. This camera has both […]

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Box Camera X30 Zoom

1080P 60FPS ONVIF HD X30 Zoom + 3G HD-SDI (ANT-SB1080P60X30)

The ANT-SB1080P60X30 (+3G-HD-SDI raw output) 30x Analogue Zoom is the  latest generation 1080P60  camera offering 60 Frames Per Second performance at 1920 x 1080. Using the latest Sony x30 zoom module and supporting full 60 frames per second at all resolutions. Offered with either Composite or 3G HD-SDI direct low latency video outputs. Featuring Dual outputs […]

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1080P60 ONVIF HD IP PTZ X30 + 3G HD-SDI (ANT-SP1080P60X30)

The ANT-SP1080P60X30 (30X Analogue Zoom) is the latest generation 1080P60 PTZ camera offering 60 Frames Per Second performance at 1920 x 1080 plus raw 3G Hd-SDI video output. Featuring Dual outputs (Ethernet IP and 3G HD-SDI) this new  camera offers compressed streaming using H264 ONVIF over any IP network plus uncompressed 3G HD-SDI over 100m cable […]

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