ENCODER DECODER – Low latency 1080P60 over an Existing 10/100 LAN

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Low Latency HDMI Extender over any existing LAN at <12 MBits/sec – 1080P60

The NEW ANT-4000E and ANT-4000D are High Definition H264 video server/encoder  & decoder for use over an existing LAN. Extending HDMI video or DVI PC output over any 10/100 LAN using only 10-12 MBits/sec of data bandwidth. Unlike most other HDMI Extenders the 4000E/D can co-exist with other Network devices on an existing LAN rather than dedicated CAT5 cables. Full frame rate Blue Ray Video quality at 12MB/s plus stereo audio can be transmitted using Unicast or multicast. With multicast any number of ANT-4000D decoders can be supported with just one ANT-4000E Encoder. Supporting HDMI (DVI-D) VGA Component and Composite video inputs the ANT-4000E is a truly universal Video encoder.

The ANT-4000D can decode any stream the ANT-4000E generates from any video source and convert it back to HDMI(DVI-D) VGA , Component or Composite video.

At £995 (US$1490) a pair extending HDMI over 10 metres or 10,1000 metres is a simple 5 minute setup process. Existing LAN bandwidth is preserved with no need for any cabling.

End to End Latency is less than 100mS

Transmitter (ANT-4000E)


  • State-of- the art Compression Algorithm, H.264 Baseline level 4.2
  • 24 bit RGB + YUV (4:2:2)
  • Low latency encode decode typ. 30mS (when used with ANT-4000D)
  • Single stream + Stereo Audio
  • Video and PC interfaces supported YCbCr & RGB
  • HDMI v1.3 (DVI-D) VGA, Composite Video and Component video supported
  • YPbPr Component plus CVBS composite video
  • Compression and Decompression with multiple Resolution options

: 1920x18080i60/P60, 1280x720P60, 720x480i60/P60

: WSXGA + (1680 x1050), SXGA (1280×1024)

WXGA(1280×800) XGA (1024×768) SVGA (800×600) , VGA


Wide Range of Video Transmission Rates : 100kbps ~ 12Mbps

  • Various Transmission Modes : I frame GOP mode, Slice Mode (I frame in P frames)
  • HDCP compliant v1.1


  • 2x HDMI audio supported – Compressed or uncompressed
  • Stereo Audio one way 44.1kHz / 48kHz , 16 bit ADC.
  • RCA stereo jacks and mini stereo headphone jacks


  • Static IP & Dynamic IP (DHCP) Support 10/100 ethernet
  • One to One Connection & One to Multiple Connection
  • Multi-Casting and Simulcast modes
  • Various Protocols supported : TCP/IP, UDP, Multicast, DHCP, HTTP,  RTSP,
  • RTSP , One to one proprietary low latency plus MPEG-TS (Video only)
  • PLC modem connection

Serial Data

  • Two serial ports : RX and TX bi directional data
  • 3.3v TTL serial data (external level shift for RS232 required)
  • Data pass-through mode : Serial data communication between Encoder – Decoder
  • Virtual serial cable between encoder and decoder, Bi Directional.