HDMI to 3G HD-SDI Converter (ANT-1503SH)

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The ANT-1503HS is a low cost high performance HDMI to 3G HD-SDI  converter

Featuring  a unique up down Video resolution scaling function and and buffered dual SDI outputs.
Can be used to convert any HDMI source into a 3G HD SDI signal via buffered Dual SDI outputs

Using this HDMI to SDI converter (ANT-1503HS) plus the SDI to HDMI converter (ANT-1501SH) , its possible to extend the length of an HDMI cable to 100m.







Converts from  HDMI to SDI. Provides two  SDI outputs . 

● Auto source format detection (3G/HD/SD).
● Built-in hardware scaling engine with anti-aliasing.
● Splitter function.
● Auto audio re-sample to 48KHz 2 channels, Stereo.
● 1 Mini-USB port used for :› Brightness, contrast, hue, saturation, configuration. › Firmware upgrade.