Indoor 1080P60 PTZ Camera with IP ONVIF plus HD-SDI & HDMI & X20 Zoom (ANT-SP1080P60X20)

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The ANT-SP1080P60X20 ONVIF IP Camera (+3G-HD-SDI & HDMI raw output) 20x Analogue Zoom is the  latest generation 1080P60  camera offering 60 Frames Per Second performance at 1920 x 1080. Using the latest Sony x20 zoom module and supporting full 60 frames per second at all resolutions. Offered with an Network IP output for streaming to ONVIF VMS or other player like VLC. Also  3G HD-SDI + HDMI direct low latency video outputs.

Featuring Pelco D( Direct wired and IP) & VISCA (IP)  interface for Low Latency applications or over IP PTZ control . May be coupled with Antrica Hardware Decoder , the ANT-36000 for PC Less Video decoding and PTZ control. Only a monitor is needed

Streaming in RTSP RTMPor MPEG Transport stream provides the best formats for use with third party decoders in Medical ,Digital Signage CCTV, Sports and various other markets.,

An IR Remote Control is supplied to allow local IR control of PTZ and other features

Audio is supported as either G711 or Higher Quality AAC/MP3 stereo , two way.

DC 12v power with RS485 PTZ control  May be mounted upside down for Ceiling mount applications


–  60FPS @ 1920 x 1080

–  x20 optical zoom

–  Direct 3G-SDI and HDMI live view

-MPEG-TS RTSP RTMP streaming

– Remote Control via IR Remote, RS485 or IP

– ONVIF discoverable

– Low Latency raw video outputs

–  12v PSU