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1080P30 HD-SDI Sports PTZ camera X20 Zoom- Low Cost (ANT-3SDIX20)

The ANT-3SDIX20 (20X Analogue Zoom) is a Full HD PTZ camera with HD-SDI video output. This camera is ideal for the latest HD-SDI CCTV systems and also for the Sports market. X30 zoom also available here. Featuring a scalable HD-SDI coax output capable of working over a 100m of coax cable. This camera has both […]

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Full 1080p (Low Latency) HD over IP Encoder/Decoder (ANT-4000)

Low Latency 80mS end to end H264 video plus audio over IP. The NEW ANT-4000E and ANT-4000D are High Definition H264 video server/encoder  & decoder with an end to end video delay of 80mS. Unlike many encoders these units can stream up 1920 x1080 at 60 frames per second. Applications include sending PC images, Medical […]

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Box Camera X30 Zoom

1080P 60FPS ONVIF HD X30 Zoom + 3G HD-SDI (ANT-SB1080P60X30)

The ANT-SB1080P60X30 (+3G-HD-SDI raw output) 30x Analogue Zoom is the  latest generation 1080P60  camera offering 60 Frames Per Second performance at 1920 x 1080. Using the latest Sony x30 zoom module and supporting full 60 frames per second at all resolutions. Offered with either Composite or 3G HD-SDI direct low latency video outputs. Featuring Dual outputs […]

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1080P60 ONVIF HD IP PTZ X30 + 3G HD-SDI (ANT-SP1080P60X30)

The ANT-SP1080P60X30 (30X Analogue Zoom) is the latest generation 1080P60 PTZ camera offering 60 Frames Per Second performance at 1920 x 1080 plus raw 3G Hd-SDI video output. Featuring Dual outputs (Ethernet IP and 3G HD-SDI) this new  camera offers compressed streaming using H264 ONVIF over any IP network plus uncompressed 3G HD-SDI over 100m cable […]

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H264 1080P60 – ONVIF IP Box Camera + HD-SDI (ANT-3B200SE)

The ANT-3B200SE is a 1080P60 ONVIF IP H264 Network Box camera offering 60 fps (frames per second) at full HD 1080P. Featuring 60FPS P-Iris option and Quadruple streaming. Fully ONVIF compliant this is the latest generation of HD IP Network cameras. Featuring a C or CS mount lens system . This network camera conforms to both […]

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3G HD-SDI Quad Output Splitter Repeater (ANT-1506SP)

The ANT-1506SP is a low cost high performance 3G HD-SDI to 3G HD-SDI 1x input 4x output repeater and buffer. Used to extend the usual (typically 100m) cable runs for 3G HD-SDI by buffering and reclocking the SDI signal to 4 individual SDI outputs . Multiple SDI Repeaters may be used to achieve longer cable […]

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