SPOTBOX4K – 4K Quad/9/16 View – Spot Monitor for ONVIF IP Cameras

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Spot Box 4K allows simple viewing of up to 32 H265 or H264 network IP cameras or streams onto a single 4K UHD or 1080P monitor. ( Go to for full details)

IP cameras from UHD 8 Pixel (3840 x 2160) , full HD1080P, 720P and 480P can be viewed in a variety of ways depending on the camera resolution.

32 x UHD 8MP in single view , 4 x 1080P in 2×2 view, 9 x 720P in 3×3 view and 16 x 480P in 4×4 view. Additionally timed sequencing allows up to 32 cameras to be displayed in various sequences.

A simple remote control allows the user to select and view individual cameras or view in 2×2 , 3×3, or 4×4  screen mode.

​ The Spot Box 4K is a low cost solution as it eliminates the need for a costly PC and VMS set ups.

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The ‘Spot Box 4K’ is the worlds first universal 4K quad decoder for CCTV and other stream viewing applications.

Explained simply you can view up to 10 network ONVIF IP cameras which can be displayed in quad format on a 4K monitor without the need for anything else!

It is also a cost effective solution at

Only $655 MSRP  VISIT


The ‘Spot Box 4K’ plugs into the back of a monitor using a HDMI connection (cable included).The installation is quick and easy, saving time and money on complex PC installations.

It is supplied with and controlled using a battery powered IR remote control, not dissimilar to that of a TV remote. This easy to use method of control can be adopted by anyone with any technical skill set.