UAV Micro 1080P30 Streaming Video Encoder / Decoder Module for UAV Drone (ANT-1772)

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The ANT-1772 H264 Video encoder is designed specifically for UAV Drone applications. Supporting 1 Channel HD-SDI and Dual Composite video inputs the ANT-1771 can stream in both RTSP and MPEG TS formats over an Ethernet connection to the Drones Radio link. Using a low latency player/ decoder video latency of under 100mS is achieved in this small low weight module. The ANT-1771 can be configured to be an Encoder or a Decoder allowing for hardware to hardware low latency links. The UAV Micro also supports video plus audio streaming  and multi channel Video support: Low power 4 watts

Other features can be added such as Scaling , graphics overlay, PIP, Stabiliser, Video analytics (latency will be affected)
STANAG 4609 and Transport Stream data inc meta data support.

Unicast Multicast Broadcast UDP RTP and RTSP support with a web based interface to set up the encoder or a dedicated software app.
Windows Android and iOS web browser based applications over networks
API based control applications over networks and serial comms.
Low Latency stream player provided or other generic players like VLC supported (not low latency if third party players used)


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The ANT-1772 is an ultra small low weight module Video encoder or decoder for UAV Drone integration. Featuring an HD-SDI input/Output plus additional dual SD Composite inputs/outputs.
The ANT-1772 can stream multiple camera inputs 2D1 plus 1 x HD. Weighing less than 37 grams the ANT-1772 supports Video and Audio with Low Latency of under 100mS using either hardware decoding or a special software player supplied . This software Player can be integrated or used stand alone to achieve <100mS latency or using VLC player. The Encoder supports API based control applications over network or serial. Local data recording and playback supported via onboard SD card socket or USB OTG.
Web browser interface for setup or via utility software provided.
UDP RTP MPEG TS and RTSP support allows for unicast or multicast streaming over Ethernet. Transport Stream and STANAG 4609 inc Metadata generation and extraction