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World-wide specialist, manufacturer & supplier of video encoders and decoders

Antrica is an industry-leading manufacturer and supplier of hardware video encoders & decoders and have been a well-known name in this industry for 15 years.

We are specialists in this niche video over IP industry and supply to a range of markets worldwide.

Key features of Our products

Learn more about the key features of Antrica low latency products

Lowest latency with H264 encoding 30mS end to end

Encoder Decoder pairs in hardware to achieve low latency

Video streaming and decoding glass to glass in 100mS or less

KVM encoder decoder achieve 30mS to allow natural mouse tracking remotely

Encoder only requires dedicated software player design for low latency

The KVM encoder with30mS latency over standard LAN network is an easy to deploy solution for remote KVM
The low latency player is much faster at decoding than VLC player

Antrica Low Latency Product compatibility

See the compatibility of our Antrica low latency products

Antrica Low Latency Product compatibility

See the compatibility of our Antrica low latency products

frequently asked questions

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No, unfortunately these use special protocols so need to be used as an Encoder Decoder pair.

Yes all you need is about 10-15 Mbits/sec of LAN bandwidth.

This is due to the fact we use low bit rates and compression so we need at least 1-2 frames for encode. Decoders need buffering to work so most latency is in the decoder end.


Antrica have taken on the challenge of reducing to zero all single use plastic within its packaging of Encoders and Decoders by the end of 2020. We are also striving to provide paperless shipments wherever possible.

Together we can make the world better!

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