Video Encoders, Video Decoders & Micro sized uav solutions

World-wide Specialist, Manufacturer & Supplier of Video Encoders & Video Decoders.

World-wide specialist, manufacturer & supplier of video encoders and decoders

Over our proud history we have specialised in supplying markets worldwide with the latest in video over IP technology.

Antrica has become an industry-leading manufacturer and supplier of hardware video encoders and decoders due to our product’s reliability, integration, compatibility and performance – a reputation we’ve held for over fifteen years.

We are the only specialist supplier & manufacturer in this area of the market and have the largest range of encoders and decoders in the world.

All our products come with a comprehensive warranty and are well-known in the industry for their performance and quality.

We’re known for our excellent responsiveness and business agility, and we pride ourselves on the level of service we offer our customers globally.

Key features of Our products

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Global Specialists

Global specialists/market leaders in the supply of video encoders and decoders

Quality guaranteed

Excellent quality products with a reputation for reliability

Technical Support

Specialist Technical support when you need it from real people.

Highly Compatible

Universally compatible products (work with most if not all brands)

Market Leaders

Market leading products - ahead of the technology curve

Low latency

Market leading codec technology to provide low latency video

Product Advice

Highly technical sales team who can help advise on the correct products

Customer Service

Competent, friendly and efficient sales / after sales team

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Our growing list of partners

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We are constantly striving to be integrated / work with as many key brands as possible.

In many cases even where the brands are not listed, our ONVIF range of products will seamlessly integrate and work out of the box. Our products are universal and we are not tied to any brand making our products unique as most companies tie you down to the encoder or decoder you can use.

By making our products compatible with all brands it gives our customers peace of mind and a sense of value in the products they purchase.


We at Antrica are constantly assessing ways of reducing our environmental footprint. In our packaging, we are proud to only use recyclable and bio-degradable materials and we have managed to eliminate all single-use plastics from our products.

We also use a dedicated delivery company to reduce the amount of Co2 emissions, reduce paper usage in our offices, and go digital wherever we can.

Our core values as a business include supporting our employees and their families today and in the future, and leaving behind a minimal environmental footprint is fundamental to that future.

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Our helpful tool assists you in searching for specific products based on your technical preferences and needs. Helping to find the perfect product for your application.

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