Dante is the leading AV-over-IP solution in the world, found in over 3000 products from more than 500 manufacturers. Dante replaces point-to-point analog and digital connections with a standard IP network that delivers completely lossless audio, massive channel counts and near infinite signal routing flexibility, all while being incredibly easy to deploy and use.

AV systems have traditionally required point-to-point physical connections between devices, resulting in cumbersome amounts of specialized, single-purpose cables that define where audio and video signals can go. Changes are labor-intensive and expensive, and noise and signal degradation are constant companions as distances grow. The result is systems that are difficult to deploy and even more difficult to adapt as demands shift.

Dante AV-H replaces all of those connections with a computer network, effortlessly sending video or hundreds of channels of audio over slender Ethernet cables with perfect digital fidelity. All connections are now managed with software, making routes fast, readable and reliable. Because all devices share the same network, signals can be sent between any devices no matter where they are located on a site, with no change to the wiring at all. Dante systems are easily expanded, exactly as one might add a printer to a network. Just connect additional devices to any available network jack and start using it. 

Dante AV-H is the evolution of AV systems, converging all previous connection types into one. Dante delivers vastly superior performance while making these systems easier to use, easier to expand, and less expensive to deploy.

Antrica has developed a decoder ANT-37500D which will seamlessly integrate into the Dante system, meaning you can use the Dante Controller and associated tools or API’s to control the decoder.

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Dante & Antrica

Antrica has developed a decoder to integrate into the Dante software, meaning it can be managed and controlled within its software.

Why DEcoders?

IP Cameras from Axis, Dahua, Hikvision, along with many other well known brands can be used to stream security CCTV footage over the network and integrate into video management software (VMS). 

However, at times a simpler / lower cost decode option is required. Hardware decoders benefit from being a hardware only solution which removes the software and PC based issues of updates etc, essentially they are plug and play. No anti virus, no updates etc.

They require no licence fees and are a low cost way of displaying ip streams or cameras.

Decoders are used globally for multiple reasons including signage / video display and even remote viewing.

This decoder offers low latency of apx 200-300ms.

Antrica's specialist insights and step-by-step support helped me to ensure I made the correct product choice for my video encoding software. A very good service!
Becca Pye - Chief Technology Officer

The Benefits

Dante AV-H is a software solution for SoC-based video products that brings the power and interoperability of Dante to H.26x video endpoints. Dante AV-H is less complicated and more flexible to install than point-to-point solutions and with low bandwidth it’s the ideal AV solution for today’s networks.

  • Rapid time to market for manufacturers to bring Dante AV to existing video SoC designs.
  • Uses the popular H.264/AVC and H.265/HEVC video compression standards.
  • Up to 8 channels of Dante audio.
  • The lowest bandwidth Dante AV solution perfect for integration into conferencing, higher education, and small production applications.
  • Up to 4Kp60 4:2:0 video resolution 
  • Compatible with Dante Studio software for effortless use in unified communication, lecture capture and streaming software.

Typical System

Application: Displaying IP cameras and transferring the decoder view over a network to another device.

Description: By using Antrica’s ANT-37500D decoder with Dante’s software you can remotely manage and control the display.

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