Antrica Announces Distribution Partnership with Anixter

Anixter Antrica Partnership

Welcome back to the Integrator blog and we hope all of our readers had a fantastic Holiday season and New Year. With the year now in full swing, we’re returning for 2019 with some very exciting news! Antrica have agreed on a new partnership with Anixter, one of the largest and most prestigious names in global Network […]

Fifteen Years of Antrica – A Celebration


At Antrica, we understand the importance of a professional, qualified and expert approach. For 15 years, our team of UK specialists have worked with system integrators & organisations from all over the world find the perfect video encoder or decoder solution. As we celebrate a momentous milestone, we are delighted to share a condensed version […]

Les Litwin on the differences between RTSP and MPEG-TS

differences between RTSP and MPEG-TS

In today’s video, owner of Antrica, Les Litwin explains the differences between RTSP and MPEG-TS and how this can affect your ability to encode and decode. [Transcript] So today, we’re talking about RTSP and MPEG transport stream, MPEG-TS as it is referred to. These are two streaming protocols, generally used in broadcast and security.  RTSP is very popular […]

Les Litwin explains how to resolve IP streaming issues on VMS

How to resolve IP streaming issues on VMS

In our regular feature, owner of Antrica Les Litwin explains some of common IP streaming issues you can encounter when using Video Managment Systems. He also offers a variety of solutions to help you get your technology working.[Transcript] Okay, so today I just want to talk about another problem with VMS, is that sometimes they […]

Les Litwin on the key issues faced when integrating ONVIF streams

Key Issues Facing Onvif

The owner of Antrica returns to our blog to help tackle more issues regarding encoding and decoding. He discusses the key issues that you can face when integrating ONVIF streams, as well as how to resolve them.[Transcript] So, ONVIF is a universal standard that allows any camera, any VMS to talk to each other using a common […]

Carly Litwin on ONVIF Compliance

ONVIF Compliance

Once again, the Marketing Manager of Antrica joins us for our blog today. This time, Carly Litwin explains exactly what ONVIF certification entails, and why ONVIF compliance is a key benefit for encoders and decoders. [Transcript] ONVIF is a majoritively CCTV, market-based, standardization in which a load of the big key players, like Bosch, and […]

Les Litwin on the differences between H.264 and H.265

H.264 to H.265 Differences

In today’s blog, owner of Antrica, Les Litwin shares his expertise of encoders and decoders, once again. This time, he discusses the differences between the two most common video compression methods – H.264 and H.265. He explains the suitability of both options to help you make a more informed product choice.[Transcript] H.264 is a method […]

Les Litwin explains Multi-Casting and Uni-Casting

Multicasting Uni-casting

As part of our ongoing blog series, Les Litwin, owner of Antrica continues to share his knowledge on encoders and decoders. Today, he explains the differences between multi-casting and uni-casting for encoding and decoding video online. He also discusses the suitability of both processes, in terms of what you might require. [Transcript]Okay so, before I […]

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