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Antrica Encoders & Milestone VMS Software

Antrica ANT-35000A and ANT-35000H encoders have been fully integrated and approved into Milestone’s XProtect video management software (VMS).

Antrica encoders enable non IP video to be integrated seamlessly using ONVIF and brand specific integrations.

The Antrica encoders deliver exceptional image performance of full HD 1080P @ 60fps over IP, and its application is often encoding the outputs of computers or other equipment which have monitors attached. The monitor output from the computer or equipment is encoded by the 35000A via HDMI/DVI input and then sent to Milestones XProtect® video management software as an ONVIF stream for both recording and live streaming.

Milestone & Antrica

Milestone closely integrated the ANT-35000A & H with XProtect® and this encoder is now on the supported list of Milestone partner products.

It is important to note that any ONVIF encoder could be discovered by the X Protect VMS as a Profile S device, however in some cases other variants of encoders had limitations with regards Audio quality, and in some applications the audio quality was critical so this Antrica & Milestone combination eliminated any previous restrictions.

Why Encoders?

IP Cameras from Axis, Dahua, Hikvision, along with many other well known brands can be used to stream security CCTV footage over the network and integrate into video management software (VMS). However, at times a non-ip video source (such as a PC screen that a security guard is monitoring or a non-network enabled camera) will need integrating into this VMS. Often it is the case that it is a far simpler / easier task to integrate an encoder than having to re-wire and retrofit exciting equipment.

In these scenarios, Antrica’s HD-SDI and HDMI encoders can convert these non-IP PC screen video feeds into IP streams that can integrate into VMS such as Milestones XProtect via a network.

Network capability gives flexibility to where that video can be seen and recorded.

Antrica Encoders make integrating non-ip video such as PC screens and other video based equipment possible.

Antrica's specialist insights and step-by-step support helped me to ensure I made the correct product choice for my video encoding software. A very good service!
Becca Pye - Chief Technology Officer

The Benefits

Les Litwin sales director of Antrica explains the advantages of the partnership: “There are two characteristics that make the combination of the Antrica ANT-35000A & XProtect® software unique and beneficial.

Firstly, the input resolution to the ANT-35000A can be up to 1920 x 1200 at 30 frames per second useful for Video wall processors/displays. Computer displays tend to run at 60Hz so this equates to 60 frames/ second at full HD resolution.

PC monitors can now be treated like IP cameras and recorded using ONVIF Profile S or specific Milestone integration of this encoder. Live view and recording is just like any ONVIF IP camera.

The other key feature is the optional AAC higher “Music” quality audio supported by the 35000A and XProtect®.

ONVIF generally uses PCM G711 audio, which is telephone line quality and limited to 3.4KHz audio bandwidth. AAC extends to 20KHz music quality and provides much higher recorded and live audio particularly in the Treble range. In certain applications hearing the higher frequencies above 3.4KHz is a huge benefit.

An example of this is in medical applications where sounds are used as well as vision to make a diagnosis. Two way audio is also supported which creates a useful “talkback” function allowing the VMS operator to communicate with the encoder site.”

Typical System

Application: Monitoring and Recording of Computer screens or other LCD screens using an ONVIF Encoder. Combining PC images with IP camera images in an ONVIF VMS like Milestone Exaq or other ONVIF compliant VMS.

Description: CCTV systems using IP cameras use a central VMS (video management software) suite to record and display IP camera images. By adding an ANT-35000A encoder any HDMI DVI HD-SDI signal can be encoded to an RTSP ONVIF stream for recording and viewing just like an IP camera. The ANT-35000A has a passthrough function so the PC output can be connected to the 35000A and then the passthrough connected to the LCD PC Monitor avoiding splitters.

Supporting Milestone Customers

On this web page we have posted a number of diagrams and application notes to help with using the encoders together with Milestone’s XProtech VMS.

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