Single Use Plastic Policy

Antrica have taken on the challenge of eliminating all single use plastic within its packaging of Encoders and Decoders by the end of 2020. We are also striving to deliver paperless shipments wherever possible.


NON Single Use Plastic uses

Products which are sold by Antrica are not considered Single use as these are reused with a typical lifetime of 5 years plus. These are recycled under the WEEE directive along with power supplies and cables. These products may use plastic at this time

SINGLE use plastics

These are considered as any plastic material within the packaging and shipment of Antrica products either from our component suppliers or from Antrica to our customers, which is thrown away or recycled.

Our Policy

To have all packaging material used in the shipment of Antrica Products have zero plastic content by the end of 2020. This includes so-called biodegradable plastics called OXO recyclable plastics. These plastics biodegrade into micro-plastics only and then cease, leaving micro-plastics in the environment. This is particularly harmful to marine life who digest these micro plastics.

Our aim is to have all materials fully comply with the following 3 definitions:

  1. Recyclable: The ability to reuse the material if needed and remake new packaging material. For example, paper or cardboard can be recycled to make new packing materials.
  2. Biodegradable: The ability for the material to degrade over a year or less thus reducing its landfill volume. This only refers to the breakdown of the material but does not take into account what the material may put into the earth. OXO degradable plastic can be considered Biodegradable but this still leaves an unwanted residue (Micro-plastics/ petroleum by-products)
  3. Compostable: Is one step further than biodegradable as the material puts nutrients back in the soil which have a positive effect (like plant matter)

Antrica want all our packaging to meet all 3 of the above definitions by end of 2020 and not just one or two. This means all our future packaging can be recycled and or composted making this the best we can achieve during 2020.

Throughout 2021 and beyond we will strive to improve the materials we use as technology develops to further reduce harmful effects of our packaging.

What packing materials are we attempting to replace with Compostable alternatives:

  • Cardboard or paper boxes /envelopes of any type will not contain any plastic.
  • Plastic Packing tape to be replaced by Water Activated reinforced paper tape.
  • Plastic Air Pillows to replace bubble wrap where possible. Plastic air pillows replaced by potato or other starch-based pillows. 
  • Bubble Wrap: Where required, this will be paper or starch-based alternatives.
  • Expanded foam either solid or soft to be replaced by pulp moulded packing or cardboard inserts.
  • Documents Enclosed wallets for despatch notes and airway bills/ commercial invoices to be replaced by self-adhesive shipping labels or paper-based document enclosed wallets with no plastic content.
  • Labels of any type on boxes will be paper rather than coated foil. (Equipment will continue to use foil/plastic labels as these remain with the product for life and need to be robust)
  • Strapping tape: Reduce to zero usage or replace with compostable alternatives.
    Plastic bags will be removed altogether, and if replaced, will be in a paper-based or starch-based material.

We will be clearly marking all materials used in packaging so customers are fully aware they can recycle or compost any Antrica packaging.

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At Antrica, we understand the importance of a professional, qualified and expert approach. For 15 years, our team of UK specialists have worked with system integrators & organisations from all over the world find the perfect video encoder or decoder solution.

We excel in customer satisfaction and our team are one of the most efficient you will find, along with providing a personal touch to the service we offer.

frequently asked questions

Explore some of our most commonly asked questions. Can’t find what you’re looking for? Get in touch.

The ANT-3xxxx range is fully ONVIF Profile S & G Compliant.


A fully ONVIF encoder will 100% work as ONVIF guarantees compatibility (ANT-3XXXX range). However, if you need a ‘view only’ stream and can live without ONVIF discovery then we have the ANT-2XXX range which can sometimes integrate. We can provide a public IP stream for you to test if you need.

Yes, we do for larger projects. We also offer a remote way of testing the stream’s integration.

Any H.265 option will be suitable.

The ANT-36100, as it has alarm/serial data controls, as well as PoE, and is a more industrial-type decoder.

Yes. Providing you have anti-static handling procedures in place, these can be used in any applications where it can be ‘housed’.

This is due to the fact we use low bit rates and compression, so we need at least 1-2 frames for encoding. Decoders need buffering to work, so most latency is in the decoder end.

Yes and no. Any decoding and re-encoding potentially reduces the quality, but using sufficiently high bit rates will allow the quality to look as good as the original.

Yes, these are intended to be low-latency wireless links with Video in and Video out.

Some of our decoders don’t have HD-SDI as an output. These converters offer a solution to have an HD-SDI output when required.

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