Introducing…. The ANT-7000

7 December 2018

As part of our new regular feature, we’ll be examining some of the newest products we’ve added to our top of the line range of encoders, decoders, and software architecture materials. First up, we’re focusing on the ANT-7000 KVM + Ultra Low Latency (30mS) HD 1080P60 H.264 Video Encoder & Decoder, Transmitter and Receiver Pair!

Launch Date: September 2018

A Brief Overview:

Launched earlier this Autumn, the ANT-7000 is an Encoder and Decoder pair for ultra-low latency streaming of 1080P60 HDMI video. The ANT-7000 typically sends 12MBits/sec over IP and can be used as both general purpose Ultra-Low Latency Encoders and Decoders, and to send HDMI over any 10/100/1000 Ethernet LAN in 30mS.

The Selling Points:

A H.264 Video Encoder and Decoder pair, operating as a Transmitter and Receiver

The ANT -7000 supports Real Time Transport Protocol, User Datagram Protocol and Internet Protocol

It has a HDMI Loop and USB Output (Encoder), as well as 4 x USB Hosts (Decoder) for Keyboard, Video and Mouse control

Tech Specs

-The ANT-7000 supports two-way audio

– This product provides a HDMI Input and Output at up to 1920 x 1080 frames per second

– Input and Outputs can manage for signal bypassing of looping

– Product has audio embedded for HDMI and analogue communication

– Can be powered by either a 12-volt battery, or Power over Ethernet hub

Who needs this?:

The ANT-7000 is versatile enough to be deployed in a variety of different situations, however, we believe this product is most effective as:

  • Digital signage – The stream generated by the ANT-7000 is consistent, reliable and can be updated quickly if any information needs to be altered.
  • Live events – The ANT-7000 can support low-latency streaming environments, whilst avoiding any audio delay or video lag to ensure everyone can enjoy the event in real time. 
  • Control rooms and security – With in-built KVM function, a large fleet of cameras can be managed at one time. Remote access to a PC can also be utilised if necessary.
  • Digital broadcasting – The ANT-7000 can efficiently encode broadcast cameras for low-latency mid-sides decoding.

We look forward to bringing you more news about Antrica’s latest products and activities shortly.

Antrica has become an industry leading manufacturer and supplier of hardware video encoders and decoders due to their product’s reliability, integration, compatibility and performance, a reputation they have held for over fifteen years.

We are the only specialist supplier & manufacturer in this area of the market and have the largest range of encoders and decoders in the world. All our products come with a comprehensive warranty, and are well known in the industry for their performance and quality.

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