ANT-2210 Portable Battery Powered HDMI & DVI H.265 HD 1080P60 Video Encoder

Product Code: ANT-2210

ANT-2210 Portable Battery Powered HDMI & DVI H.265 HD 1080P60 Video Encoder

Product Overview

** Please note this product has been discontinued – please view our other range of encoders or UAV modules**

ANT-2210 Mini Battery Powered Portable HDMI & DVI H.265 & H.264 HD 1080P60 Video Encoder, capable of up to a maximum 1920 x 1080 at 60 frames per sec encode with Dual stream streaming (Primary 1 x H.264 or H.265 / Secondary 1 x H.264 or H.265) using an IP LAN ethernet connection. This allows compatibility with all existing and future streaming decoder systems both software and hardware based.

The new H.265 range has been introduced for customers who need lower bit rate video transfer over LAN or WAN networks – often due to internal network limitations, whilst maintaining high quality video. The key selling point of these new products is their affordability being a low-cost H.265 encoder range – which also have the flexibility to encode in either H.264 or H.265 using the most popular input connection HDMI (and DVI with an adapter).

The inputs are HDMI & DVI. There is no output connections for looping on this encoder.

Multiple streaming formats are supported such as ONVIF Discovery, RTSP, RTMP,HTTP, MPEG-TS

The encoder is powered via the internal Lithium battery or via 5v USB charging.

AAC, G711 & MP3 audio is supported with embedded audio in HDMI and analogue stereo jack input.

There is no RS232/485/422 2 way serial data communication, motion detection , sensor and alarm I/O, please see the ANT-35000A &ANT-35000H for this feature.

Size: 102 x 71 x 25
Weight: 220g
Power Supply: 5v DC USB External (via USB Cable) or Internal Lithium Cell (2-3 Hour Battery Life)
Power Consumption: 5w

Product information and support

Learn more about this product including key features and tech specs.
  • 1 x HDMI or DVI
  • H.265 or H.264 HD Video Encoder
  • Up to 1920 x 1080 at 60 frames per sec encode
  • Dual streaming using an IP LAN ethernet connection
  • Inputs are HDMI or DVI
  • The HDMI input needs an external splitter for looping the signal.
  • Powered via 5V USB
  • AAC, G711 and MP3 audio
  • Embedded audio in HDMI
  • Portable battery powered


SystemStandardsONVIF Discovery, RTSP, RTMP,HTTP, MPEG-TS
SystemLatency>150mS (system dependant)
VideoCompressionH.264 or H.265
VideoProfileBase, Main or High
VideoFrame Rate1-60 fps
VideoBit Rate16-12 mbps
VideoBit Rate ControlCBR, VBR
VideoMin Resolution320 x 180
VideoMax Resolution1920 x 1080
VideoNumber of StreamsPrimary 1 x H.264 or H.265 / Secondary 1 x H.264 or H.265
VideoInputs1 x HDMI (DVI)
VideoInput Combinations1 Input
VideoOutput CombinationsN/A
VideoOn Screen DisplayEnglish
AudioModeSimplex Stereo
AudioCompressionG.711 + AAC + MP3
AudioSample RateG711 = 8Khz , AAC= 32/44.1kHz MP3 = 32/44.1kHz
AudioBit RateG711=64kbps, AAC= 24-256kb/s MP3 = 24-256kb/s
AudioStreaming1 Way Stereo
AudioInputsAnalogue Stereo Jack (1vpp) or Embedded Audio
NetworkInterface10-100 Ethernet RJ45
NetworkProtocolsIPv4, TCP, UDP, IGMP(Multicast), DHCP,HTTP, RTP,RTSP, DNS
NetworkSecurityPassword Protection
NetworkConfigurationSDK, WEB
PowerSupply5v USB External or Internal Lithium Cell
PowerAdapter input voltsUSB Cable
PowerAdapter Output Voltage5v DC
RecordingEdge StorageN/A
TemperatureOperating Range0 + 50C
PhysicalDimensions102 x 71 x 25
PhysicalHousingBlack Aluminum
GeneralCertificationsCE , FCC, RoHS
GeneralWarranty12 Months
GeneralResetWeb or external
Control & Set UpSet UpWeb Interface API Document
UpgradeFirmware Upgrade
In the BoxContentsEncoder , 5v USB Power Supply &USB Lead &HDMI
Power Cable/adapter1 of either UK/US/EU/China/Aus


A few of the applications are:

  • Encode a laptop screen and send to a VMS for monitoring, recording and litigation purposes. may be powered from laptop
  • Encode video from a piece of medical equipment and send to remote consultant to oversee the procedure
  • Encode HDMI one the moveThis product is not limited to the markets and applications described.

This product is not limited to the markets and applications described.

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