ANT-37200 Quad 4K H.264 RTSP IP Camera Decoder (1, 4, 9 & 16 views or 16 x 1080P30 decode)

Product Code: ANT-37200

ANT-37200 Quad 4K H.264 RTSP IP Camera Decoder (1, 4, 9 & 16 views or 16 x 1080P30 decode)


Product Overview

ANT-37200 is an RTSP stream decoder with a maximum capability of 4x 3840x2160P30 decodes as a quad or single display. Alternatively, 16 x 1080P30 decodes as a 3×3 or 4×4 display. 

Supporting RTSP URLs, either authenticated or non-authenticated, the ANT-372000 can be used as a virtual VMS replacement. Each camera position on the screen in 1×1 2×2 3×3 and 4×4 mode has 96 unique camera URL positions. This means a total of 16 x 96 cameras can be pre-programmed (1536 camera URLs total). 

Using API commands or a web GUI, any 1 of 96 cameras can be set in each display position. This allows customers to use hardware-based decoding and only control the ANT-372000 with simple commands or the web GUI.

Auto Sequencing of each display position is possible to allow for more than 16 cameras to be displayed with no user intervention. Rack Mountable to allow multi-screen applications, 4 Position TEXT OSD programmable per camera display position. Allows identification of where the camera is pointing using street names or direction.

Product information and support

Learn more about the ANT-37200 Quad 4K H.264 RTSP IP Camera Decoder (1, 4, 9 & 16 views or 16 x 1080P30 decode), including key features and tech specs.
  • Max. 4 decodes@ 3840×2160
  • Max 16 decodes @ 1920 x 1080
  • 1-16 cameras on screen
  • 4K or 1080P monitor support
  • RTSP TCP/UDP streams
  • Authenticated RTSP support
  • Simple Web gui setup
  • SDK API available for control
  • Integrated PSU- 120-240v AC
  • Rack mountable

System System Mode Decoder


Compression H.264

Framerate Max P30 @ 3840×2160

Bitrate Primary : Up to 16MB/s sper stream

Resolution 320×240 ~ 3840×2160

Display 1×1 2×2 3×3 4×4

Display Resolution

1×1 : 3840 x 2160 P30

2×2 : 3840 x2160 P30

3×3 : 1920 x 1080 P30

4×4:  1920 x1080 P30


Output 1 : 1 x HDMI type A,

Output 2 : 1 x 3G HD-SDI

Output 3: CVBS PAL or NTSC out scaled


Compression H.264

Streaming RTSP only

Authentication Digest or Normal Authentication

Streaming Ethernet 10/100/1000

Camera URLs 96 URLs per display position


Interface Ethernet 10/100/1000Base-T (RJ-45)




Security Password and user name protection

API Antrica API protocol/SDK


Multiviewer Internet Explorer or dedicated software for setup and viewing on a PC


Housing Aluminum

Certifications KC, CE, FCC


Power supply

Internal 12v , external 120-240 V AC IEC connection

Power Consumption TBA

Operating Temp. -10°C ~ 50°C (14°F ~ 122°F) / 20% ~ 80% RH

Dimension TBA

Weight TBA


A few of the applications are:

  • Connect to a monitor as an easy / simple add on to an existing security set up – for additional viewing desks etc
  • Use in place of NVR / DVR / VMS as a way of viewing cameras, and utilising edge recording on the IP cameras.
  • In residential properties the box can be connected to existing TV as additional source / input to view residential / business ip security cameras.

This product is not limited to the markets and applications.

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