How combining AI & Video Encoding is changing the UAV game 

How combining AI & Video Encoding is changing the UAV game  “AI and video encoding technologies are revolutionizing the UAV/drone market by enhancing their capabilities and expanding their applications. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is being integrated into drones to enable autonomous flight, obstacle avoidance, and intelligent navigation. With AI algorithms, drones can analyze their surroundings, detect […]

New UAV Modules for a New UAV Era

The New UAV Game With the news of DJI being pushed out of the USA commercial and government sectors, and other countries following suit. This is opening the doors to new suppliers to put their products forward for integration. The move towards non-china components is one we have seen evolve over the past few years, […]

Antrica and Hudl – Making The Beautiful Game a Smarter Game

Antrica Hudl Blog

Football has changed.  There is a temptation to think of the beautiful game in purely abstract and nebulous terms. Something that can be neither defined nor controlled. The whistle blows and we are immediately engulfed by the drama and apparent randomness of it all, entirely ignorant of the patterns and trends emerging in front of […]

Antrica Announces Distribution Partnership with Anixter

Anixter Antrica Partnership

Welcome back to the Integrator blog and we hope all of our readers had a fantastic Holiday season and New Year. With the year now in full swing, we’re returning for 2019 with some very exciting news! Antrica have agreed on a new partnership with Anixter, one of the largest and most prestigious names in global Network […]

Introducing…. The ANT-7000


As part of our new regular feature, we’ll be examining some of the newest products we’ve added to our top of the line range of encoders, decoders, and software architecture materials. First up, we’re focusing on the ANT-7000 KVM + Ultra Low Latency (30mS) HD 1080P60 H.264 Video Encoder & Decoder, Transmitter and Receiver Pair! […]

Antrica Integrates with SeeTec, a division of OnSSI

Antrica SeeTec Partnership

Having recently launched another new product to our line of encoders, the ANT-ZB1200, we’re delighted to also announce that we’ve received yet more recognition for the quality of our products. This time, Antrica has been recognised by SeeTec Video Management Software. A member of the prestigious OnSSI group, SeeTec is a specialised software company dedicated […]

Fifteen Years of Antrica – A Celebration


At Antrica, we understand the importance of a professional, qualified and expert approach. For 15 years, our team of UK specialists have worked with system integrators & organisations from all over the world find the perfect video encoder or decoder solution. As we celebrate a momentous milestone, we are delighted to share a condensed version […]

Les Litwin discusses Antrica products in the Military, UAV and Defence markets

Military, Defence and UAV Encoder Applications

In our latest blog, Les Litwin, the owner of Antrica explains how Antrica products have been used in the Defence, Military and UAV markets. [Transcript] Video encoders as used in a UAV application. So, UAVs are unmanned aerial vehicles, but the principle is pretty much the same for vehicles that go under the sea, or […]

Les Litwin on how Antrica products are used for CCTV and Security

CCTV and Security Encoders

The owner of Antrica, Les Litwin sits down with us to talk through some of the practical applications of Antrica products in the CCTV and Security markets. [Transcript] So, encoders in a security surveillance application. So, the prime application that we find for our encoders in security and surveillance is to encode the output of […]

Les Litwin on the differences between RTSP and MPEG-TS

differences between RTSP and MPEG-TS

In today’s video, owner of Antrica, Les Litwin explains the differences between RTSP and MPEG-TS and how this can affect your ability to encode and decode. [Transcript] So today, we’re talking about RTSP and MPEG transport stream, MPEG-TS as it is referred to. These are two streaming protocols, generally used in broadcast and security.  RTSP is very popular […]

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